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How It Works

SXU is a game-changer for your business, here are just a few things you can do with it…


New products successfully. Every time.



Your products’ organic ranking for MULTIPLE keywords.


More traffic to your store from sources outside of Amazon.


Your products via social media and email blasts.


All of your data and metrics across all platforms.


Your “Off-Amazon” marketing in one simple dashboard.

What is SXU

SXU is a program that provides Amazon sellers like you with a custom link that pushes traffic directly to your storefront and displays the products of your choice. Over time when someone clicks on your link, your product’s rank will automatically go up!

SXU Clicks = Better Rank

How Do I Get People To Click On My Link?

The sky’s the limit! There are tons of places you can promote your SXU link and get clicks. Here are a few of our favorite places to put them:

Social Media Links

Promote your link on social media to increase the ranking of your amazon listing.

Social Media Advertisements

Facebook, Instagram

Email Marketing

Your internal email list

Your Own Website

Landing Pages, Display Ads

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Flexible Pricing To Fit Any Budget

With SXU you only pay for what you need. We don’t charge you a monthly subscription…. only clicks!

Look below and choose which package is right for you.

1,000 Clicks

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Build your traffic

10,000 Clicks

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Build your traffic

100,000 Clicks

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Build your traffic

1,000,000 Clicks

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Build your traffic

Our Mission

The SXU team cares deeply about the success of Amazon sellers worldwide. For the past 4 years we have facilitated the success of business owners like you through software and education products.

We are proud to bring you our new and improved software tool, SXU. After years of research we have discovered a reliable way to use advertisements outside of Amazon (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to increase your products rank and blow up your sales, quickly and easily. Because we can all agree…

Better Rank = More Sales + More $$$
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